30 December 2009

Second Impression: "Up In The Air"

After having seeing Up In the Air for the second time, I can say that it is absolutely my favourite film of 2009. I went by myself when I first saw Jason Reitman's film, at the Varsity cinema in Toronto. This time I went with my family, to the Galaxy Cinema in Bolton. I would recommend never going to that theatre.

Here are just a few of my thoughts, after having seen Up In The Air for the second time:

(1) Jason Reitman is a fantastic director, and the film flows with a terrific ease that is absent in so many films.
(2) I found Geroge Clooney's performance as Ryan Bingham to be much more profound this second time, and I have a new admiration for him as an actor. He takes some real risk in his performance and it is wonderful to watch.
(3) I found Vera Farmiga to be just as amazing as the first time, but once again it was Anna Kendrick who stole the film for me. She is a special actress and I am eager to see where she goes next (beyond Twilight). She is my choice for Best Supporting Actress. Forget Mo'Nique, go see Anna Kendrick own the screen.
(4) I really loved how each new city was introduced, and as someone who loves both different fonts and geography I was pleased!

My original rating of the film still stands, and I am still telling everyone that I know to see Up In The Air!

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