04 December 2009

Does a trailer make a movie?

Before reviewing Up In The Air, which I saw today (and it did not disappoint), I wanted to mention something I thought of before the film started...

Remember when the excitement of going to see a movie included wanting to see those few previews before the film? Ever since cinemas started adding five minutes of advertisements before the trailers, it takes so long for the film to start that I often forget which film I am about to see. Now, with Apple offering exclusive clips and behind-the-scenes extras, I often go to the movie theatre and every preview is a trailer I have already seen! It seems that the worst films are the most advertised on television, which happen to be lowbrow comedies aimed at teenage boys. It was for this reason that I was against seeing The Hangover for the longest time.

But this is not a post to condemn trailers to extinction!

There is one film whose trailer excites me beyond belief. It reveals next to nothing about the plot, and is simply a long series of fractured scenes set to a heart-racing score. Each time I watch the trailer my heart rate increases and my anticipation soars! Tom Ford's directorial debut, A Single Man, should win some kind of award for its spectacular trailer!

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