13 December 2009

Best Picture Favourites?

Gold Derby, part of the L.A. Times' group of blogs, has compiled a list of 18 critics' choices for the ten best films of the year. I have used these lists to give each film an individual ranking, based on their spot on the list. For every number one ranking I gave the film 10 points, 9 points for second position, and all the way down to 1 point for number ten.

Four films appeared on every list: Up In The Air, The Hurt Locker, Precious and Avatar.
Four films were ranked first at least once: Up In The Air, The Hurt Locker, Precious and Inglourious Basterds.
Film with the most number one rankings: Up In The Air (14 first place votes)

Here is a list of all the films with their total point total:

Up In The Air: 174 (Highest Ranking: 1, Lowest Ranking: 4)
The Hurt Locker: 146 (1, 5)
Precious: 132 (1, 10)
Avatar: 115 (2, 10)
Invictus: 94 (2, Not Ranked)
Inglourious Basterds: 72 (1, NR)
Up: 63 (3, NR)
Nine: 56 (4, NR)
An Education: 52 (5, NR)
A Serious Man: 19 (4, NR)
The Messenger: 13 (6, NR)
It's Complicated: 10 (9, NR)
The Lovely Bones: 8 (8, NR)
The Road: 6 (6, NR)
In The Loop: 5 (6, NR)
A Single Man: 5 (7, NR)
Julie & Julia: 3 (9, NR)
The Last Station: 3 (8, NR)
Star Trek: 1 (10, NR)
Where The Wild Things Are: 1 (10, NR)

It seems that, at least for the time being, that Up In The Air is the clear favourite to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. I do find it surprising that Richard Corliss' choice for best film of the year was not included on a single critic's list!

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