26 July 2010

Woody Allen: Day Twenty-One

Deconstructing Harry is Woody Allen's most vulgar film. It features a brilliantly funny screenplay replete with profanity. It is also reminiscent of another Woody Allen film, Stardust Memories, where a celebrated author is being honoured and agonizes over past relationships. Deconstructing Harry is more accessible and less philosophical than Stardust Memories, which was a polarizing film. It is a hilarious film but it lacks substance as if the film's weaknesses are masked by the vulgarity of the language.

Harry Block (Woody Allen) is a famous author that is about to be honoured by his Alma mater. He wants to take his son Hilliard (Eric Lloyd) with him but his ex-wife (Kirstie Alley) thinks Harry is a bad influence on their son. She is furious about a story he wrote about their relationship in which a man (Stanley Tucci) and his wife (Demi Moore) grow further apart after their son is born. Harry is also terrorized by Lucy (Judy Davis) who is angry because his latest novel vaguely masks their affair (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Richard Benjamin). The film also stars Elizabeth Shue, Billy Crystal, Tobey Maguire, Robin Williams and Amy Irving.

Next up: Celebrity.

My list:
1. Hannah and Her Sisters
2. Everyone Says I Love You
3. Manhattan
4. Bullets over Broadway
5. Annie Hall
6. Crimes and Misdemeanors
7. Radio Days
8. Husbands & Wives
9. Another Woman
10. The Purple Rose of Cairo
11. Broadway Danny Rose
12. Love and Death
13. Mighty Aphrodite
14. Interiors
15. Sleeper
16. Manhattan Murder Mystery
17. Zelig
18. Stardust Memories
19. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)
20. Take the Money and Run
21. Deconstructing Harry
22. Oedipus Wrecks from New York Stories
23. Bananas
24. What's Up, Tiger Lily?
25. Alice
26. Shadows and Fog
27. Don't Drink the Water
28. September
29. A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

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