28 November 2009

A Revised "Wait List"

On October 6 I posted a list of the ten films I was most eager to see this fall and winter, as studios shove Oscar bait down our throats. I have now seen 6 films that were on my list: Precious (#10), An Education (#7), The Men Who Stare at Goats (#6), A Serious Man (#5), Fantastic Mr. Fox (#4) and Where The Wild Things Are (#2). Which was one was the best so far? A Serious Man, the Coen brothers most recent effort narrowly beats out Precious. And which was the most disappointing? The Men Who Stare at Goats. It is an enjoyable movie, but it did leave me wanting more and maybe I expected something more than just frivolous fun.

There are only 5 films that I am now waiting to see:

5. It's Complicated
Meryl Streep is still the queen of the screen, and I am excited to see how she interacts with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. With both men now set to host the Oscars, does this mean good things for the film itself?

4. Nine
I am interested to see how critics react to this film, and I believe that it will make money no matter what. I do not like Kate Hudson, and I am still on the fence when it comes to Marion Cotillard. But Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman are enough to warrant my attention. The only negative is that too much press coverage can kill my desire to see it. Though I do doubt it can eclipse the magic of Chicago.

3. Los Abrazos Rotos
Very little is known about the plot of the film, except that Penelope Cruz seems to play a wide range of personalities. The film's trailer is beautiful to watch, but it is a bit cryptic.

2. A Single Man
Fashion designer Tom Ford seems to have created a fantastic film, if solely based on the trailer. The trailer is stunning and each subsequent viewing makes me want to see it more and more. Julianne Moore has never been in a bad film, and Ginnifer Goodwin just makes me yearn for more Big Love!

1. Up In The Air
It is still my most anticipated film of the year, and only a week until it opens in limited release. I am starting to get sick of the previews on television, but I try to ignore them because too much anticipation can be a bad thing.

Honourable mentions:
The Lovely Bones: The lack of publicity and few mentions among bloggers has made the film fall from my list. I kind of forget it exists.
The Road: Viggo Mortensen is said to be quite good in this film, and if he is nominated for awards it will have to be seen.
Crazy Heart: Jeff Bridges is supposedly amazing in this film, and it might be one of those films I go see on a boring December afternoon.

And the film I am least anticipating? James Cameron's Avatar. I feel like it is going to crash and burn or be successful, either way I do not think I will be a huge fan.

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